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By AxelStone

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03-05-2021, 16:03

gdx wrote:

It is still better to have a real MSX for several reasons. Having an original material is more peaceful. Also, the case and the keyboard will not be approximate. Then the problems encountered on an OCMs are not the same in general so it is not just another MSX model. If you plan to develop you need a real MSX and especially if you are developing for MSX1 or Turbo R. You will also need a good emulator with debugger in this case.

OCMs are nice solution if you want play cartridge and use different devices. Many work like on a real MSX. Although not sure for sound extensions. A lot of people have problems with them.

Machines based on Raspberry Pi or other of the same kind are more distant from real MSXs. There is its own system which starts before starting the MSX. It takes several seconds. This added at the MSX starting time, it can reach up to a minute. And if we add Sofarun for example, it can take a long time. The MSXVR may be interesting for its debugger if it is really efficient. The rest does not concern the MSX so that doesn't interest me but I understand that it can interest people. I advise you to wait and see for the MSXVR. Anyway, you won't have a choice because the deliveries are late.

I've been a user of real machines for a lot of years, but since 2-3 years ago, I definitively jumped to FPGAs and currently are my favorite option. The original machine has of course that "smell to old machine", the one that you used when you were a child Smile . But I already passed this chapter and really now I look for a "new" MSX, I got really tired of maintenance to my old MSXs. FPGA is like having a new MSX, the experience for me is near perfect. In case I use an emulator, it has to be a 15khz emulator, but you lose the instant-on experience.

MSXVR for me is quite far from the real experience, this is why I suggested to the op to check carefully what MSXVR is before taking the decision to buy it.

By gdx

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04-05-2021, 02:14

I agree with you, a OCM is one of the best solutions to replace a real MSX. Although I think there is none to replace my Turbo R nor the joy of seeing his good old MSX turn on. However, don't say it's a full-fledged MSX. When I see programs that work on emulator and OCM but very badly or not at all on any MSX. It's really that there is still work to be done to match a real MSX. In recent years, I have patched several games to make them work on real hardware. So I know what I'm talking about. In addition, you can take any PS/2 keyboard, there will always be keys that do not match and sometimes even inaccessible. It does not interfere to play or use most software but to program, it can be often the case.

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. And yes, machines based on Raspberry Pi or similar are quite far from the real experience. However in the case of MSXVR, its debugger could be very valuable to developers if it significantly evolves. Being able to debug with real cartridges would be a big advantage for developers, and its keyboard is not an old PS/2. That said, everyone has their preferences and it's great to have so much choice.

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