Knightmare Gold with Audio CD: running on emulator and/or real hardware

By Cayce

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Аватар пользователя Cayce

21-01-2023, 16:46

Is it possible to run Knightmare Gold with CD Audio (CD-XA) in any emulator today?
I read some threads here on MRC and noticed an openMSX github issue from 2017.
Any technical reason that feature request has not been implemented? I can do C/C++ and wouldn't be afraid to try and implement - but not if a PR would be rejected because of reasons ;)

I have an NMS8250 with a Sunrise/Gilvad IDE interface (1996). I didn't use that IDE interface for ages. And I have no idea of its capabilities/limitations. Would it support the PC IDE CD-ROM drive I still have lying around?
BTW if so - what's the best way to power that (internal) drive? Is there anything 'smarter' than, e.g., this molex 230V-12V adapter?

Plus, it would be quite a hassle (and costly) for just this single production. As -Neo- already asked (but got no reply) in 2016: "Are there any more of such CDROMs?"

A photo of my IDE cart: .

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By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

21-01-2023, 17:10

I think this is the only game that uses CD-ROM with audio tracks. Patches are welcome, but please also discuss your ideas on GitHub to sync with the developers.