red/blue image via composite video - is my machine dying?

By Cayce

Resident (34)

Аватар пользователя Cayce

21-01-2023, 19:49

When connecting my NMS8250 via composite video (yellow connector) the image looks awful.
See screenshots below. Via SCART it's fine, although vertical bars are visible in large parts with the same colour.
(That might of course be due to my monitor. I also notice that SCART has black bars left & right - my monitor is 16:10 and MSX of course 4:3; composite seems to be zoomed or stretched?)

When booting, it's much worse: everything flickers, as if H- and V-sync are totally out of whack. That calms down some time after booting. And some programs show ok, e.g., Psycho World looks fine. None of the red/blue shifting. I have no clue what's causing this.. I expect the composite image to be somewhat blurry (which it is) - but not this!

Is this an indication the video part of my machine is dying or already broken?

Via composite:

The same via SCART:

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By Daemos

Prophet (2170)

Аватар пользователя Daemos

21-01-2023, 19:54

Is your power supply clean? Check voltages and for ripples with scope if you have one.

By Cayce

Resident (34)

Аватар пользователя Cayce

21-01-2023, 21:19

Good suggestion - I'll check next time I'm at my club. I don't have that hardware nor the knowledge to use it..