How to get a disk/sram file to move my save game between platforms in blueMSX?

By Predator1989

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25-05-2023, 09:36

Good morning. Due to a problem that I'm experiencing with Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in blueMSX in a NesClassicMini that I explain here:

Until this moment, I was saving my games with the "save state" option of the emulator, but now I need to find the way to save my game progress with the "Disk" game save option, that as far as I understood, it needs a disk file (which is a SRAM file or something similar) and then be able to copy this file and use it to load in my PC with blueMSX also. Using "save stats" is not an option, because I need to load the saved game into a different rom (a rom of the same game but without the translation that I'm currently playing that have a bug), so the only way is to use de "Save Disk" option of the game that it seems to save the progress paramaters.

Trying to do this, always that I use the Disk save option, I got an ingame message that says "DISK ERROR. DISK NOT READY", so I suppose that I need to do some preconfiguration in order to create a disk/SRAM file and emulate that is a disk plugged where I can save the game, it's right?

Any help or information of how to do it will be very appreciated. Thank you very much!

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By gdx

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25-05-2023, 09:41

There's no point in creating 3 threads for the same thing.