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by ro on 29-05-2020, 05:29
Topic: Events

35 years of Gradius - Happy Birthday!

MSX will celebrate its 30th anniversary on June 27th 2013. In order to celebrate this milestone, #msxdev organize a get-together in Amsterdam.

10th Bonami Retro Fair

by wolf_ on 04-03-2011, 19:32
Topic: Events

This Sunday, March the sixth, the tenth edition of the Bonami Retro Fair will take place. Naturally, MSX and MSX-related organizations will be there too:

  • Bas Kornalijnslijper
  • RKlok
  • Jaap Hoogendijk
  • Delta Soft
  • MSX Resource Center/SuperSoniqs
  • Darkstone
  • MSX Club West-Friesland

There should be two new halls full of retro fun.

11th Bonami Retro Fair announced

by snout on 03-02-2012, 14:16
Topic: Events
Tags: Retro, Bonami

The Bonami Retro Fair in Apeldoorn is a fair where retro-loving people from all over the Netherlands (and beyond) gather to buy, sell and show their old consoles, games and game-related merchandise.

11th Retro GameConsole Fair

by JohnHassink on 25-09-2011, 22:21
Topic: Events

The second of october 2011, Bonami will be organising the 11th Retro GameConsole Fair at De Stolp. The adress is De Stolp, Violierenplein 101 Apeldoorn. Entrance is 2 euro.

16th Bonami Retro Computer fair

by Sander on 24-09-2013, 23:08
Topic: Events

The third Bonami fair is this Sunday, the 29th of September.

The place to be for fans of retrogaming

23rd MSX user meeting in Barcelona

by makinavaja on 22-03-2003, 19:13
Topic: Events

The Asociación Amigos del MSX announced the 23rd MSX user meeting of Barcelona. Unlike other years, the may meeting has been moved to a saturday instead of sunday, to increase the ammount of visitors even more. The 23rd Barcelona meeting will be held on May 10th, 2003.

This year, aamsx has organized a Quarth-competition (in 2 player mode).

The place to be for fans of retrogaming.

25th Anniversary Event - reminder

by wolf_ on 16-06-2008, 11:34
Topic: Events

Saturday, the 25th Anniversary Event will be held in Den Dolder, Netherlands.

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