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(S)NES gamepad adapter for MSX computers

by ro on 16-10-2017, 08:44
Topic: Hardware

Using a Nintendo Gamepad on the MSX computer

14.3 Mhz Z80 processor for eMSX

by Bart on 29-09-2003, 21:05
Topic: Hardware

EMSX the alternative MSX compatible system that runs on the Evolucion4 V2 slotexpander, all built and designed by Leonardo Padial Electronics, is able to run at 7.1 and 14.3Mhz.

sd_snatcher has released a guide on how to upgrade the Toshiba HX-MU900 FM Synthesizer Unit (a.k.a. Toshiba MSX-Audio) with 256kB Sample RAM and MSX-Audio BIOS. This cartridge was, up to now, the most limited Y8950-based device for MSX.

4MB memory mapper for 6000 yen!

by snout on 28-02-2002, 00:08
Topic: Hardware

Source: Ikeda's MSX Print (27-02-2002)

In Ikeda's News Print, Kuniji Ikeda let us know that the Terra Network System stopped producing their 4MB Addram memory mappers. Fortunately there are still some mappers in stock. This could be your last chance to get a cheap memory mapper. The price will be 6000 yen, about € 51,- If you want one, just mail Ikeda

There is no excuse not to get familiar with MSX now!

Now available for people who are less confident with handling a soldering iron.

8bits4ever MSX interfaces

by Pac on 17-06-2016, 19:29
Topic: Hardware

Behind this name there is a relatively new and little known Spanish hardware developer for MSX and ZX Spectrum.

Get your SX-1 Mini now!

1000 disks in your pocket!

The solution for your cartridges

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