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Today, 2 MSX related IRC chat channels were opened on the IRC-Hispano network. After a time of absense, the #msx channel on the network has been re-opened, while a new, development related channel, #msxdev, has been opened on the IRC-Hispano network network as well.

#msx at Rizon

by snout on 03-10-2005, 00:53
Topic: Websites

A few months ago, a new MSX chat channel aiming at generic MSX talk and development was opened on Rizon. During its first months, the channel already grew quite a lot of regular visitors who discovered the channel by word of mouth.

#msx on

by snout on 07-07-2004, 22:33
Topic: Websites

Julio Marchi of msxall has started an MSX chat channel on his own IRC server, after the afternet network (on which the popular Brazilian MSX channel was located) had been down for several days. The new IRC server is intended to be used solely for the MSX channel. MSX users from all over the world are invited to have a look and test the channel.

#msxdev IRC moves to Rizon

by Unregistered user on 17-03-2004, 22:47
Topic: Websites

The popular MSX IRC channel #msxdev has moved to the Rizon network. IRC is a great way to meet people from all over the world and chat about MSX with them.

After having announced a temporary move earlier, ongoing problems have forced the #msxdev management to make the move permanent.

#MSXDev Webchat working again

by Unregistered user on 11-02-2003, 23:33
Topic: Websites

Finally the web portal to the #MSXDev IRC channel (Aniverse network) is fully working again.

Those who are unable to use mIRC or another IRC client can now actually join the discussions in stead of only viewing them silently.

150 new game covers at Generation MSX

by snout on 16-12-2004, 17:19
Topic: Websites

Earlier this week we reported about several updates at Generation MSX, one of which was the possibility for visitors to add covers of games to the database.

19 new songs @ MSX Radio

by anonymous on 29-07-2001, 23:32
Topic: Websites

Omega's MSX Radio

MSX Radio is updated again. There are 19 new tracks, some of which I?ve recorded from my MSX.

2006 MSX calendar

by snout on 28-12-2005, 17:57
Topic: Websites

Pocky, a member of the French MSX community portal MSX Cafe is currently designing a 2006 calender with nice MSX art.

25th MSX-RU Barcelona photoshoot

by snout on 03-05-2004, 23:04
Topic: Websites

MSXKun has published a photoshoot of the MSX-RU in Barcelona, which was held last weekend, on his website. You can have a look at several of the boots and the products they were offering.

25th MSX-RU photoshoot

2nd Annual Artwork Contest

by msxgamesbox on 02-08-2003, 00:28
Topic: Websites

The MSX Games bOX just launched the 2003 edition of the Artwork contest it already organised last year. Although being very open, emphasis will be given to artworks that will showcase the theme of '20 Years of MSX gaming'. Full details of the contest rules and prizes to be won can be read at

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