Blagger (1984, Alligata)
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Title Blagger
Alternative title(s) ブラッガー (JP)
Year 1984
System MSX1
Developed by Alligata
Published by Alligata (NL, UK, tape), Micro Cabin (JP, cart), Philips Spain (ES, tape), Armati Soft (IT, tape), white label (tape, pirate release?)
Sound PSG
Generation MSX Blagger

Hacks, Fixes, Patches

Unsafe PSG port direction fix (ROM version)

Author: Alexey

Offset Old New
21C8h FFh BFh
22ECh FEh BEh

Enhanced version by JLTurSan

ROM based game. It's the original MSX disk Blagger version patched with a lot of graphical improvements.