Impaccen en Wegwezen
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Impact's first demo disk. Known for Solid Snake scene in TATE.

Title Impaccen en Wegwezen
Group Impact (NL)
Year 1991 (first presented @ Zandvoort 1991)
System MSX2
Sound MSX-Audio (recommended), MSX-Music
RAM ...
Region support Designed to run @ 50Hz (PAL) (toggles 60Hz machine to 50Hz)



Showing credits, ends in showing Impact logo based on Elite's (Braben, Bell) logo.

Title screen

Mashup of familiar MSX game tunes by Powerrun (whose voice can also be heard saying "Yo"). In order of appearance:

  • original(?)
  • Laydock 2 (Last Attack (title))
  • The Snatcher: Twilight of Neo Kobe City
  • Fire Hawk (Opening)
  • Fire Hawk (Boss)
  • ... (to be added later)
  • Undeadline
  • Panasoft FM-Pac menu, BGM #2 (also exists in a PSG version in a T&E Soft Game, probably Ash-Guine)
  • F-1 Spirit (Street Collection (ending))
  • King Kong 2 (Main Theme)
  • Outro (bit Rambo (Pack-In-Video) intro like ;))

Mirror Scroll

GFX: Sand dunes by night, dancing Impact logo, horizontal scroller.
BGM: arrangement/mix of Jeroen Tel's Cybernoid II (C64). The version used by BDD was the Amiga version of that tune by Jochen Hippel.


GFX: large wooden submerged Impact logo in a littered moving (sinus effect) ocean.
BGM: original composition by BDD.

Note - Issue in this part: No matter the sound HW (MSX-Audio or MSX-Music), the music starts glitching after it has looped 2 times (== starting for the 3th time).

Just checked this on real hardware and the same happens. So, it's yet again a bug in the MSX software :) It's also happening with MSX-MUSIC (e.g. a plain turboR). There were also some other Impact demos with severe issues in music playback.

Solid Snake

GFX: large Solid Snake face (taken from / based on game gfx) in portrait mode (TATEd). Horizontal (or vertical?) 'blabla' scroller.
BGM: arrangement of Sidmon 2 (Amiga) intro tune by BDD.

32 colours

GFX: Some floating pink triangular thing & some orbs. Static. There is a screensplit between the green and pink parts.
BGM: original composition by BDD.

Train Scroller

GFX: Original train scroller, Tokyo by night setting/ambiance.
BGM: original composition with some riding train & whistle effects by Powerrun.


GFX: showing credits
BGM: original composition by BDD.

Fun Demo

(added to later versions of Impaccen en Wegwezen)
GFX: theatre stage on which a number of names appear to be ridiculed by the audience, followed by the emergence of an Impact logo.
BGM: laughter sample when the names appear; then a medley of tunes from other demos and games deliberately made to sound out of tune with laughter.


Coding: Snakebyte (all ML) and Mirage (all Basic) with some work by Hitsoft, Powerrun (Fun Demo)
Music: BDD and Powerrun
Graphics: BDD, Hitsoft, Metalslave, Mirage, Powerrun, Powerslave, Snakebyte
Distribution: Hitsoft


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